JBoss® Application Server Support Provided by Object Computing, Inc.

OCI brings 20 years of experience supporting mission critical standards based middleware and is now offering commercial support for JBoss and the OCI re-distribution of the JBoss Application Server!

Why should you switch to the OCI re-distribution of the JBoss Application Server with support from OCI?

  • The OCI re-distribution is derived from the JBoss Application Server release provided by JBoss.org. OCI strictly adheres to the re-distribution and trademark guidelines as set forth by Red Hat®. 
  • The OCI re-distribution strives for complete compatibility with the original JBoss.org releases; All modifications to the original source code are made to comply with the Red Hat trademark guidelines and are made publicly available under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL). 
  • All bugfixes applied to the OCI re-distribution are submitted back to the JBoss.org community for incorporation in future releases. OCI is committed to a strong and vibrant open source community! 
  • The OCI re-distribution is freely redistributable without additional restrictions. Anyone who wishes to re-distribute with or without modification - even as part of a commercial product - are not required to enter into an agreement with Red Hat or Object Computing, Inc. 
  • OCI has been providing high quality commercial support for open source products for 20 years.  Each support request is handled by a team of experienced software engineers. 
  • The OCI support model is a more cost effective alternative to subscription based support solutions. Support costs are based upon time and materials, not CPU count! 24x7 Mission Critical Support is also available. 
  • OCI certifies each release on a number of operating platforms, including: Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and HP-UX. 
  • Interested in migrating to JBoss? OCI is also a full service consulting organization which offers migration development and support! 
  • OCI also maintains a large Java and J2EE Training curriculum which enables your staff to get up to speed on the latest in Java and J2EE technologies as well as service-oriented architecture.