OCI understands that demanding project schedules can often preclude leveraging the open source community. Clients need speedy resolution of issues and a responsive support team. OCI is competing with your ability to fix open source issues yourself; We have to be faster, better, and above all, flexible.

OCI has 20 years of experience supporting open source products, and ensuring that our clients' business objectives are being met when their applications are deployed. OCI also understands the need to fulfill the licensing obligations and acts on behalf of its client base to integrate features, bug fixes, and tests back to the open source community.

OCI can support your development teams who wish to work with either the or OCI JBoss Application Server distributions. With any support plan, on-site support is available.

Our experience is that clients who are actively working with J2EE application suites typically consume about 300 to 400 hours of support per year. These hours are primarily spent investigating quirks between different J2EE implementations and working around minor bugs.

To discuss a support plan please contact us.